Our technical team can arrange adequate and sufficient cover for all your risks with reputable insurers on the following areas:

There is no legal obligation on your part to arrange for this insurance, as in Workmen’s Compensation Insurance discussed in B1. The scope of cover is more extensive under a Group Personal Accident Insurance than Workmen’s Compensation Insurance because cover can be arranged on a 24-hour basis. This means that irrespective of where the accident occurred, the benefits insured for will be paid unlike in the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance which limits cover to injuries sustained in any circumstance arising out of and in the course of one’s employment.

Scope of Cover
The insurance will provide the under noted benefits for bodily injury sustained solely and independently or any other cause by ACCIDENTAL, VIOLENT, VISIBLE and external means resulting in death or disablement of any of the insured employees.

a) Either the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance or the Group Personal Accident Insurance can be arranged for all your employees but in the alternative, you may wish to arrange the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance for the Junior members of staff while the Group Personal Accident can be arranged for the Senior members of staff including Directors. A third option is for you to insure for both policies with a high discount (up to 40%) granted under the Group Personal Accident Insurance. However, in the event of a claim, only one of the policies will be responsible for each claim. The advantage here is that except for suicide and other exclusions under both policies, almost all incidents are recoverable under one of the two policies.

b) To enable us submit a premium quotation under both the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and the Group Personal Accident Insurance, kindly let us have the following details by return:
1. List of all employees
2. Their respective designations
3. Their gross annual salaries.

We wish to propose to you our Group Personal Life Assurance Scheme (Death-in-service benefit scheme). This is basically arranged to compensate employees’ dependants in the event of death resulting from natural and accidental causes whilst still in service.
The Federal Government on June 25, 2004 signed into law “The New Pension Reform Act”. The death benefit in 3 times total emolument (basic salary +housing+transport allowance).
The employer finances the policy and the cost is very reasonable. The benefit payable on death can be expressed in:
i. Multiples of annual salary say 3 times annual salary or
ii. Specified sums for different salary bands.
All full time salary will be eligible for entry into the plan on the effective date provided they have attained age 18 and do not exceed age 60 years. Your organisation will however specify the retirement age.
The commencement date of the proposal scheme would be arranged at the convenience of the employer. The day and month chosen will be the anniversary date when salary changes and other alteration will be effected.

• Travel Guide Insurance
• Fire & Special perils
• Burglary and Housebreaking
• Motor Vehicles Insurance
• Goods-In-Transit Insurance
• Money Insurance
• Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
• Marine Insurance (Caro/Hull)
• Public Liability Insurance
• Product Liability Insurance
• Professional Indemnity Insurance

All Risk Insurance
• Householder/Houseowner Comprehensive Insurance
• Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
• Machinery Breakdown Insurance
• Bonds (Advance payment and Performance)

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