We recognise the fact that insurance is a global industry. We also recognise the need to take advantage of ore contemporary facilities available in more developed countries, through a global affiliation to a worldwide network.
We have technical relationship with Will & Company (WG &Company.) Will Gandy & Company is one of the largest Entertainment, Sports and General Risk Insurance Brokers world-wide.

Services provided for our clients focus on the following four areas. The listed duties within each category may not be exhaustive, but they should serve as a starting point for the special services that the client should seek, and expect.
 Programme administration
 Risk Management Service
 Claims Support
 Safety/Loss Control

 Alert the client of substantial changes or trends within the insurance industry that would affect the insurance programme. Include the information in the annual stewardship report to the client.
 Maintain and provide updated schedules of insurance for client reference.
 Continually assess the client’s insurers with respect to service capacity ad responsiveness.
 Review policies and financial documents for accuracy and secure necessary amendments from insurance companies to programme parameters.
 Periodically market the insurance programme to maximize service and cost.
 Assist the client in premium allocation among divisions or profit centres.
 Monitor job classification codes for workers compensation annually.
 Review audits, retrospective calculations, deductibles.
 Obtain builders risk, owners/contractors protective and railroad protective quotation as needed.
 Coordinate activities with claim services on statistical loss runs and annual review of losses.
 Maintain copies of all policies including a specific listing of expirations.
 Supervise premium payments to insurance companies.
 Prepare annual risk profile and exposure analysis, and report new exposures and risks.
 Perform a risk assessment and coverage review annually.
 Prepare insurance specifications for the market place.
 Prepare loss analysis for retention programmes
 Review and critique subcontractor insurance requirements with legal department
 Negotiate with insures on renewal parameters.
 Analyse and compare quotes from various insurers
 Review and deliver policies.
 Prepare stewardship annually
 Provide insurance budget estimates
 Estimate experience modification factors annually and resolve discrepancies
 Review equipment and property values for placement of coverages

 Loss analysis and forecasting
 Optimum retention level analysis.
 Risk identification and analysis.
 Program design, implementing and monitoring
 Perform annual subcontractor document analysis
 Financial analysis of alternative risk management programme
 Feasibility studies of captive insurance companies or self insurance plans.
 Follow up and monitor letter of credit or any other financial instrument.
 Develop alternative collateral means to support cash flow plans.
 Work with service providers on the risk management information, methodology including data transfer and capability of loss reporting by job site.
 Respond to coverage questions and new exposures.
 Evaluate excess limits and the adequacy of such limited.
 Conducts clients review with internal quality control.

 Act as liaison between the clients and the insurer/third party administrator on claims matters.
 Ensure that written claim handling procedures, approved by the contractor and insurers, are in place.
 Monitor compliance with written procedures, identify incidents of non compliance, and initiate corrective actions.
 Review coverage issues and, as the client’s advocate negotiate with Solace Insurance Brokers to achieve satisfactory resolutions.
 Conduct periodic claim reviews at selected locations as requested by the client and issue timely written reports on results.
 Follow serious claims on request and obtain periodic status reports from Solace Insurance Brokers.
 Evaluate pre-settlement reviews and attend settlement conferences.
 Screen coverage issues.

 Prepare and conduct instructional seminars
 Review insurance company’s loss control report.
 Analyse job sites for frequency and severity of accidents.
 Analyse the frequency and severity of accidents by type.
 Frequency/severity by exposure (man hour, payroll, or sales) analysis.
 Breakeven chart (retroactive vs. guaranteed cost)
 Loss control training, as needed.
 Resource for contractor’s safety director.
 Accident investigation assistance.
 Periodic site evaluations.
 Operation and pre-job assessments.
 Performance benchmarking information.
 Develop strategic response and disaster planning.

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