Solace Insurance Brokers was incorporated in 2012 to provide all classes of insurance. The company also provides specialist services to public organizations and the organized private sector. At Solace Insurance Brokers, we have a group of experienced professionals, who have brought their wealth of experience to bear in efficient service delivery to our customers.

Claim Administration Our excellent business relationship with our clients over this period of existence has given us a niche in packaging satisfactory insurance programmes to meet the needs of our clients and ensure prompt settlement of claims. We ensure claims are paid using the industry parameter and professional approach. With our involvement, all obligations under insurance cover must be met by underwriters. We are well-known for partner-in-progress by providing sponsorship materials for staff events and the organisation events to strengthen this corporate relationship.

Rate Administration (Rate Reduction) As Brokers, we ensure our clients get the best in rate administration to various assets for insurance. This is done by carrying out independent investigation of various rates of insurance companies, which often than not, are sharply different from each other. This effort will positively reduce the insurance budget for this organisation whilst still maintaining comprehensive covers. The handy example is Motor comprehensive Insurance cover, in which we maintain consortium of underwriters which give us as low as 4% of value instead of 10% of value which other competitors may find difficult to offer, and premium payment could be spread for over three to four instalmental payment. We can as well graciously arrange for a courtesy car for you or your organisation in case of any accident, pending the sorting out of your claim or replacement of the damaged car. This kind gesture is offered free of charge.

Advisory Service As part of our statutory obligations, we perform advisory services to corporate organisations, institutions and individuals for all classes of insurance cover of their choice. Besides, we maintain a brokerage relationship built on trust, professionalism and personal services that will bring resounding experience to your organisation and friends of your organisation. Our quick attention to claim settlement arising from the period of insurance will attest to this assertion.

Solace Insurance Brokers with a set of visions which have been encapsulated within what is known as the BUSINESS/CORPORATE COMMITMENTS. These represent the guiding and motivating philosophy for the company’s existence and operations. Our professional and business successes are hinged on the following factors:
 Service-in-demand (accounts acquisition and handling). Qualitative service relevant to client’s needs.
 Recognising and meeting our fundamental responsibility to all our clients.
 Qualified and competent staff and management. Attracting, training and retaining the highest caliber of staff and ensuring that they are provided with adequate challenges marked by equal opportunity for personal growth and development.
 Commitment to transacting fair business with all clients in recognition and respect of our mutual interests.
 Uncompromising commitment to conducting all our businesses with utmost integrity and probity, adhering to the highest standards of ethics and just conduct.
 Indentifying risk/exposure, analysing same, introducing control mechanism and prevention.
 Arranging effective and adequate policy covers, monitoring claims and making adjustments where necessary.
 We set the pace in the areas of production delivery and client services.

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